180 Day Doe Estrus 3oz with Wicks - 03055

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Hunters Specialties new 180 Day Estrus Scent gives you a potent, long-lasting lure that will not only attract bucks and does, but keep them in your hunting area for an extended period of time.

180 Day Estrus long-lasting deer attractant comes in a 3 oz. bottle and includes 4 Spike Wicks.

  • All-natural whitetail doe estrus collected at peak cycle
  • Blended with key ingredients that attract local bucks
  • Prompts repeat visits and triggers territorial competition
  • Stabilization Technology ensures every bottle contains elevated levels of doe estrus pheromones
  • Developed by wildlife biologists and our own pro staff
  • Amber bottle seals in freshness and potency
  • Item 03055