Buck Bomb Depth Charge Hanging Attractant - Sweet Potato 200005

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Buck Bomb Depth Charge is a fast and easy "hang and hunt" attractant that takes little time to set up. Made with natural ingredients including real sweet potatoes, deer have an intense attraction to the Depth Charge and will keep coming back again and again as part of their routine. This block is hard cooked to last.

Sweet Potato Depth Charge is designed to release a powerful smell over an extended period of time, turning your area into the deer's favorite feed stop. After the Sweet Potato Depth Charge is exposed to the atmosphere, the exterior will slowly start to loosen and disintegrate but will take weeks to breakdown. The breakdown period will release the sweet taste and smell of Sweet Potatoes and light-up the area with action. The one-of-a-kind cooking process creates a hard block that only allows deer to lick small amounts at a time, causing them to return frequently. Deer love Sweet Potatoes, and now you can have them anywhere by hanging the Sweet Potato Depth Charge from Buck Bomb.

  • Hard-cooked block with rope can be hung from a tree branch
  • Sweet Potato flavored
  • Slowly breaks down to release sweet taste and smell of White Oak Acorns