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Smell Invisible with the Scent-A-Way® MAX Odorless 10-Piece Kit. Destroy odors and blend into your environment with Scent-A-Way® 12oz. Odorless Laundry Detergent, Scent-A-Way® MAX 32oz. Odorless Spray bottle, Scent-A-Way® Antiperspirant, Scent-A-Way® Bar Soap, Windicator, (3) Scent-A-Way Max Individual Wash Towels, (1) individually packed Fresh Earth Scent Wafer and (1) individually packed Natural Pine Scent Wafer®.

Hunters Specialties® has again MAXimized the standard of scent control technology with the introduction of Scent-A-Way® MAX. This new odor eliminating product is available in the familiar Scent-A-Way products of Odorless and Fresh Earth scented sprays.

Hunters Specialties' Scent-A-Way MAX features activated odor scrubbers that aggressively attract and attack bacterial odors generated by humans and neutralizes a wide range of environmental odors for quicker, stronger, longer MAXimum protection.

Scent-A-Way MAX high performance formula scrubs out odors by attacking them at the molecular level with proprietary compounds developed through bioengineering. The source of bacterial odors will aggressively approach Scent-A-Way Max's proprietary compound being strongly attracted to it, while the proprietary compound is attracted to the bacterial source. This mutual attraction of hunt and be hunted results in quick and long lasting MAXimum odor control.

Scent-A-Way MAX is developed to seek out odor causing bacteria and eliminates their ability to produce odors. It works as a dual approach; bacteria are attracted to Scent-A-Way MAX and Scent-A-Way MAX is attracted to it. Taking it to the field for testing gave us amazing results. We believe every successful hunt needs to begin with Scent-A-Way MAX.