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Formulated to clean all types of carbon clothing, Scent-A-Way® MAX Carbon Clean Laundry Detergent eliminates odors.  This is the only detergent on the market that won't reduce the odor control capabilities of carbon based clothing.

Scent-A-Way® MAX Laundry Detergent with dirt and stain guard brings major advancements to the world of scent-free detergents. Scent-A-Way® MAX Laundry Detergent with Camo Guard features carezyme, an enzyme that helps with color retention, pattern definition, and soil release and leaves clothes softer after washing.

  • Color-Safe
  • Works in all water temperatures
  • No UV brighteners
  • Camo Guard helps with garment color retention and camo pattern definition
  • Removes soil and leaves clothes soft
  • Highly concentrated formula requires less per load
  • Ideal for high-efficiency (HE) washing machines
  • Adds Fresh Earth or Carbon Clean cover scent