Synthetic Ambush One Time Wafer - 200019

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Buck Bomb Synthetic Scent Wafers are "one-time" use wafers (3 wafers included) that offer fast and easy "hang & hunt" scent dispersal. Ambush is an all-season scent that will boost the drawing power of your mock scrapes throughout the season. Ambush will attract both bucks and does as a curiosity scent and put them at ease. Also works great as a cover scent all season long and will attract cruising bucks from the pre-rut through the peak of the breeding period. Because of the synthetic formula, these wafers can be used in areas where natural urines are not allowed, including Canada. Hang multiple wafers to serve as yardage markers.

  • Soaked with Buck Bomb Synthetidc Amush urine for an all-season curiosity scent
  • Feature elastic hang cord to quickly & easily hang from a tree limb
  • Can be used where natural urines are illegal (including Canada)
  • Includes 3 Wafers