Synthetic Doe 'N Estrus One Time Wafer - 200018

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Buck Bomb Synthetic Scent Wafers are "one-time" use wafers (3 wafers included) that offer fast and easy "hang & hunt" scent dispersal. Doe 'N Estrus is perfect for the peak rut period when bucks are on the lookout for a hot doe. Because of the synthetic formula, these wafers can be used in areas where natural urines are not allowed, including Canada. Hang multiple wafers to serve as yardage markers.

  • Soaked with Buck Bomb Synthetic Doe 'N Estrus urine for peak rut
  • Feature elastic hang cord to quickly & easily hang from a tree limb
  • Can be used where natural urines are illegal (including Canada)
  • Includes 3 Wafers